fire tones out

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    Don't hear FireOut Tones on Trunk, but do on conventional

    Facts: Scanner: Whistler TRX-1 Problem: This might happen on more than one trunk group, but the is the FD group I listen to 90% of the time. I have an old RS scanner listening to just the simulcast FD East Page (Dispatch), I also have the TRX-1 paused on the FD East Dispatch trunk group. When...
  2. C

    Cape may fire/ems tones...

    Does anyone have Tone Frequencies (A/B) for Cape Cape May City, West Cape May, and Cape May Point? I am trying to setup fire-tone-out on a new scanner (BCD396xt) and would like to get these incorporated. Thanks!
  3. J

    Fire Tone Out Phoenix Pager Frequencies

    Phoenix Fire Department seems to use a variety of pager tone combinations on its main dispatch frequency 154.19 MHz to announce incidents that tie up large numbers of resources across cities, such as greater alarms and major hazmat situations. These pager tones apparently alert senior personnel...