firmware upgrade

  1. F

    Tytera MD380 TOOLS from WH6AV

    WH6AV's firmware for the MD380 installs a new opening screen and many useful options in the Utilities section of the MD380 menu. It allows you to change background images, add a microphone volume meter, change the length of time for the backlight, use a promiscuous mode,and many others. The most...
  2. F

    Radio Shack firware pro 96 ??

    I recently saw a listing on Ebay for upgrade boards for Radio shack handheld scanner that shows "Firmware Pro 96" but the listing says that they fit the Pro 70? I was wondering if any one knows if these are in fact for the Pro 96 model that I have?? The seller really has no clue. Can anyone help...
  3. S

    firmware update for 246T with-OUT a ac adapter

    I am just getting around to updating my firmware to 2.60 from 2.05. but my ac adapter died a few years ago and I have been using 2 sets of rechargable to power it, Is there a way to do the update without one? I just got a 396xt and getting ready to sell the 246t and I really don't want to buy a...
  4. S

    Update firmware on Pro-106

    Hi, I recently purchased a RadioShack Pro 106. I need to know what process I need to go thru to update the firmware and also program the scanner. Also I don't have the programming manual for the scanner. Please help! Susan
  5. F

    cp200 firmware

    I have a cp200 that I need to update the firmware. I can program these radios and since I have purchased the software through Motorola I also have access to the firmware. My question is I program with a ribless cable. Can I update the firmware without the rib. I have never done a firmware update...
  6. J

    Uniden BC346XTC Update Failed Now Unuseable

    I have the BC346XTC model. I tried updating the firmware v1.05 using BC_VUP from: BC346XTFirmwareUpdate < UnidenMan4 < TWiki I received an error that read: Programming Error!! I cannot use my scanner now even though I just got is a few days ago. The only thing I can do is power on while...
  7. D

    TK-3180 Firmware Upgrade

    Does anyone know where I can get the latest firmware version to enable the MDC-1200 for the TK-3180K MPT that won't turn my radio into a brick? Any help would be greatly appreciated.. Thank you in advanced!!! Ok, I just noticed something weird...... If the latest firmware version is 1.20...
  8. B

    Anyone in SD update BCD396/996XT firmware lately?

    Anyone in SD update their BCD396XT firmware to 1.10 or their BCD996XT firmware to 1.06 yet? These updates came out in late February and are supposed to make improvements to P25 auto decode, and add the ability to change the auto decode threshold. Looking at the forums, some are reporting...
  9. brameldon

    TK 780 firmware upgrade question

    I have several tk 780s and 880s... They all seem to be firmware version 1.5. Is there a firmware upgrade to bring these radios up to version 2?
  10. R

    Kenwood TK-2180 / NX-700 Firmware Programming

    My agency has sent us the software to update the FIRMWARE, but have provided no instructions to assist us. Can anyone here tell me how in the world to update the radio with the new version? Thanks in advance!
  11. G

    BR330T Firmware Update Failures [HELP!]

    Greetings, I am having problems upgrading the firmware in my BR330T. I could really use some help. INFORMATION: Firmware Update Software: BC VUP v2.0.0.7 Firmware Version: 1.06.02 Previous Version: 1.03.xx (don't remember the last 2 digits, but it was the last firmware version for this...
  12. P

    PRO-163/PRO-164 & 2ea. PRO-95 & PRO128

    I have the above scanners listed, I need information as why at times they just go crazy, I am in Daytona Beach, Volusia County, trunked Ecads system, Some days while running all the scanners at one time I will start getting the control channel hang (that load ststic), sometimes it will continue...
  13. G

    Kenwood TK-8180 Firmware

    Hello all, I have recently obtained a TK-8180H. I have been recently trying to learn about the programming with KPG-89D Version 1.6. Now more recently I have come across some posts about MDC1200 firmware update. So, my question is: Does anyone have...
  14. C

    DSP FIRMWARE 1.4 Upgrade after updating tables for rebanding

    Does anyone know if the rebanding tables have to be updated again if the DSP FIRMWARE 1.4 upgrade is performed after the tables were already updated with Win96.