1. N

    EDACS 500m Bricked :/

    HELP! I need a copy of the KG47407 radio code for my m/a-com edacs 500m, or any other firmware that will work with it. I tried reloading the copy I made of it and it was corrupted, so now the radio is a brick until I can find a good copy of the radio code (flash code). I have all the software...
  2. emcomm

    Where are Flash Codes found ? (purchased?)

    I have a Astro Saber III and I am looking to Flash it for MODAT (Q351); are these Flashes purchasable (honest question--pardon my ignorance), from Motorola? Or is there some other after-market way? Thanks. Attn Moderator, I am not trying to buy or sell anything! Just trying to understand the...
  3. A

    Flash 11 and EP Web Player

    I have four EP players embedded into my webpage (Allegany County Maryland Scanner Frequencies) with my four RR streams. One plays by default when the page loads and the other three can be manually started. However, after Adobe Flash 11.x was installed, the audio graph on the players, which used...
  4. A

    flash upgrading AS3 to 9600 baud?

    Hi, I would like to know who can personally flash my astro saber to to 9600 baud digital trunking. I found a way to monitor trunked radio systems w/o affiliating; from reading the forums on radio reference. thanks, Alex
  5. B

    MTS2000 mdl III 800 mhz Flash

    I have a MTS2000 mdl III 800 mhz that is currently flashed 200008-000000-8 H260 250 Mode Capability (Models II & III) H38 SMARTZONE Systems Operation I need to have it re-flashed with it's ORIGINAL flash of 200004-000000-2 H260 250 Mode Capability (Models II & III) H37 SMARTNET Systems...
  6. brandon

    Flash based player for streaming audio

    I have been experimenting with some flash based mp3 players that can listen to Icecast feeds from a website and am wondering if anyone has been able to get alpha tagging to work with a flash based player? The few I've tried just display static title information.
  7. traumacop

    MARCS & 396/996 update. Your results

    Before I spend the time to flash my two scanners, has anyone upgraded their 396/996 to the V2 update and are there noticeable performance improvements on MARCS? I have never performed any of the flash upgrades and from reading some of reports from some of versions I am glad I didn't. I listen...