1. 7

    Can you remotely change channels with FleetSync on TK-8180

    I am not very experienced with radios but I have been tasked with upgrading our Agency to a DMR digital system. We operate on a shared frequency with multiple agencies that are not currently upgrading their systems. Our agency will go fully digital but we will cross patch at a repeater site from...
  2. UnHumanReactions

    Kenwood Fleetsync End of Transmission Tone?

    My local fire department uses Kenwood radios with Fleetsync. The Fleetsync sound is transmitted at the beginning, but there is also another sound transmitted at the end. I've never heard this sound anywhere else except for my local fire department. I'm wondering what it is and what does it do...
  3. kc0bqb

    Fleetsync PC Communications

    I am looking for documentation on communications with a fleetsync radio. Any and all documentation would be of great help. Documentation on controlling the radio with pc or micro-controller would also be helpful. kc0bqb
  4. R

    KAS-2FSD or KAS-10 with TK7160E?

    Hey agin :) Can I connect our TK7160E with KAS-2FSD or KAS-10? Also where can buy the KAS-2FSD software? -In Denmark Kenwood and especially CAD solutions is not very common, so after checking the local distributer here, I'm possitive that I can't buy KAS-2FSD in my country, so where to buy...
  5. R

    TK-3160 E model using FleetSync

    Hi Guys, Please excuse the bad spelling :o) I'm trying to make a rather large setup with aprox 100 radios in play. I'm new to Fleetsync but I got the basic such as PTT-id, EMG/99 coveret. Question #1: I have a som issues with the very Limited options in the European version (E) of TK3160...
  6. K

    Decode MDC-1200, GE-STAR and FleetSync on your iPhone

    I've been working on open-source libraries to decode these formats for some years, and I finally took the time to create an iPhone app that does all three. Available as of this afternoon in the app store at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/radio-id/id640429366?ls=1&mt=8 MDC-1200, GE-STAR, and...
  7. N

    Fleet Sync Question

    is there a way you can display a name instead of and id number i see the id list where you can put names in box's if i do that would that came up on the display of the radios? Just curious Thanks
  8. R


    Some of my local fire companies have a fleetsync sounding ANI at the beginning of their transmission. Most of the time, it is a command vehicle, portable, or deputy chief that has this. Attached a sample of what I mean. If someone could please tell me what this is, it would be greatly...
  9. J

    Fleetsync PC-side Protocol Documentation?

    I'm on the hunt for the protocol for implementing the Fleetsync protocol from the PC side. We'd like to add a frequency-agile receiver using a TK-981 as a monitoring radio on a repeater system. The basic theory is that using some DTMF tones we can command the TK-981 to either a specific...