fm radio

  1. K

    What is this digital signal in the FM broadcast band?

    I hate to have to put this question in a general wireless section of the forum, but I couldn't find a proper section anywhere else for asking about identifying a signal type. I found this unusual signal in the FM band while using my HackRF SDR radio and tuning through the normal FM broadcast...
  2. H

    High School Radio Club

    I'm a ham from East Northport, Long Island, New York, and I recently started at Northport High School. Over the years, unfortunately, for my generation, the amateur radio interest has declined. Naturally, it makes sense that I found a radio club room, unused, with equipment in it, with no...
  3. BamaScan

    HF Frequencies in The Database

    I have noticed that some HF Frequencies are getting submited to the database as AM. I know that they are not AM Mode and are in fact USB. What is the main reason HF, AM Radio and FM Radio frequencies are not allowed ? I know for a long time Ham Radio FM and UHF Repeater Frequencies were only...
  4. P

    Radio Shack Pro-106 - FM 88-108 MHz coverage

    It might have been better to place this in the 1.7 firmware wishlist thread so my apologies beforehand but I am not certain if this could be accomplished with a firmware update or not. It may fall under the 'next model' wishlist. At any rate I would like to have the ability to receive FM radio...