1. SA_tx_88116


    Is it possible for a RadioShack pro 197 to listen to FMN frequencies?
  2. R

    What does "tone" mean?

    Hi, I have this configuration below. What do they all mean and how would I put this into CHIRP? Especially, the "167.9 PL". 160.28000 KFM561 BM 167.9 PL Hatzolah EMS Hatzolah EMS Dispatch FMN EMS Dispatch
  3. 1

    What Is FMN & NFM and Are They Equal or They Different?

    What are both FMN & NFM and are they equal or are they different? If they are different what makes them different?
  4. J

    Pro-651 NEED HELP

    My local law enforcement uses FMN, is there anyway to program this darn radio to pick them up? Also I don't have a windows machine only mac? anyone know where I can get a program for a Mac? I have the program cable but can't use it. I have a public safety channel that when I scan it picks up but...
  5. greatgoogly

    Pro-164 fmn?

    My local police just changed to 151.325 R D606 which I gather is "fmn", can I listen to this on a Pro-164? Currently I have it programmed in as "FM" as there is no "fmn" mode available to choose. If I leave it at FM will I receive the scanner traffic? Thanks?
  6. C

    FMN Mode?? For Aircraft

    I wanted to listen to the local CDF air ops and noticed that the mode that these frequencies are in are called FMN. What does this mean. My local airport and other aircraft frequencies use AM. My radio shack scanner does not have this mode on it. Would AM work? or is this a special type of...