1. mark40

    Coach to Coach Headset issues at Pats vs Steelers game

    Steelers Coach Tomlin’s says his staff was picking up the Patriots’ radio broadcast for the majority of the first half over their coach to coach headsets. What would cause the radio broadcast to be received on the Steelers headsets? NFL claims the interference was caused “by a stadium power...
  2. O

    Football Games

    Does anyone know which frequencies these operate on? connex I am helping coach football at my former high school (hence the name, "Offensive-Liner") and would like to be able to listen in on our co-ordinators play calls without needing the school to buy another package of headsets. Thanks!
  3. M

    Encryption/digital for HS Football? No Way?

    Hi, I got my tech license a couple of years ago and the knowledge really does help in the scanning world. I have come up against a wall, however. I take my scanner to local high school football games and USED TO be able to hear the staff chatter from the booth to the field and back again. Not...