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  1. For Sale: Uniden SDS100

    For Sale: Uniden SDS100

    Selling my gently used SDS100, I just don't find myself using it as much as I expected. Will come with all original accessories and box. Feel free to reach out with any questions. All upgrades unlocked (ProVoice / MotoTRBO / NXDN). Payment via PayPal Goods and Services. Shipping included.
  2. Uniden BCD536HP with DMR and NXDN Upgrades - like NEW, FREE shipping!

    Uniden BCD536HP with DMR and NXDN Upgrades - like NEW, FREE shipping!

    Like-New BCD536HP with DMR and NXDN upgrades unlocked. Free USPS Priority domestic U.S. shipping. Original packaging with all factory included components (Wifi adapter, antenna, power cables, bracket, 4GB microSD, manual, instructions, etc...). SCANNER: Purchased September 2021, my BCD536HP saw...
  3. For Sale: Vintage REALISTIC Solid State Communications Receiver DX-150

    For Sale: Vintage REALISTIC Solid State Communications Receiver DX-150

    I am looking to sell my Realisic brand Solid State Communications Receiver DX-150, it is still in very good condition, and is 100% completely functional, and it’s also a great addition to any radio collection. *Please note: this does not include the original external speaker that it came with...
  4. (sold) 3 scanners for sale/trade

    (sold) 3 scanners for sale/trade

    Sold - ($300) 1x Uniden BCD436HP Handheld scanner Sold- ($300) 1x Uniden BCD536 Base station scanner Sold- ($250) 1x Uniden Home Patrol 2 scanner (w/ extreme upgrade) I'm hoping to trade all three scanners for a Uniden SDS100 handheld scanner or sell these individually/bundled. I do not have...
  5. K

    Ham Fest free to sell and visit in Byron

    Saturday August 24th in Byron Georgia at 8am we are having a tailgate sale. Its free to sell and free to visit. No fees. Usually one or two have scanners if thats what y'all are interested in. Lots of coax, antennas, radios old and new, connectors, Ive seen boxes of crystals, tubes, and more. If...
  6. 5stormchasers

    Voltex LED Visor Light for sale

    I have an amber/white split led visor light that I need to sell. I am selling it because it won't fit in our new suv. It has 15 different flash patterns and several traffic advisor patterns. When I had them installed in the other vehicle I didn't need 2 of the suction cups. However I do have...
  7. G

    FS: Moto HT1000 VHF 16ch

    Hi all, figured i'd try this locally before tossing it on ebay. I have a Motorola HT1000 VHF 16 channel is really good condition that I am looking to sell. Includes a battery that holds a decent charge + belt clip. I have the charger for it as well. I used the radio when I worked as a Community...
  8. sheldonk

    For Sale: Icom R20 and Icom PCR1000

    Selling them together. $575.00 for more info if interested. TY
  9. del1964

    BCD396T for sale on Ebay

    Looking to upgrade. Scanner is currently programmed with almost all of South Eastern Indiana conventional and SAFET systems. Predominately Seymour and Columbus area. Will program scanner for buyers area for free. ITEM #180458871881