forest service

  1. J

    NC Forest Service tac channels

    I'm aware each district of NCFS has their own VHF repeated ops channels then 3 VHF tac channels per each district - example "D12-Tac 1" Has anybody seen or have the districts 700mhz digital simplex channels, and know their use? Believe there is 4 of them per district. Thanks!
  2. K

    NC Forest Service Paging

    Hi, Recently purchased a Unication G1 pager. I live in Buncombe County. When there is a report of a brush fire, they tone out the Forest Service on the main fire dispatch channel. However, I can't find any info on what tone frequencies these are to program them in the pager. Does anyone know...
  3. sound_efex

    Western KY. region. Federal VHF

    Western KY. region Federal VHF 169.675 NAC 418 (TVA) 173.5625 NAC 110 (Forest svc) Recently heard test counts on one and repeated squelch tails on the other. Without further confirmation, I will assume both to be LBL.
  4. ai8o

    SC Forestry Radio Zone Map

    I have uploaded a map I created today of the SC Forestry Radio Zones. I posted it to the SC Forestry Wiki page. I used the data from the updated SC Forestry page on RR. While creating the map, I noticed that there are blank areas and some sites are obviously missing. Also one county on the...
  5. B

    Wildfire Season

    I'm getting ready to program a couple radios with the hope of being able to monitor fire crews working wildfires in Michigan. Other than individual county dispatch frequencies and local fire departments, are there any other frequencies that i should be monitoring? Any statewide VHF/UHF...