1. J

    NC Forest Service tac channels

    I'm aware each district of NCFS has their own VHF repeated ops channels then 3 VHF tac channels per each district - example "D12-Tac 1" Has anybody seen or have the districts 700mhz digital simplex channels, and know their use? Believe there is 4 of them per district. Thanks!
  2. V

    Alberta Forestry P25

    Does anyone know if Alberta Forestry has actually received licensing for and has sites on the air using P25? Their 2016 Pilot's handbook claims they have mix mode sites active now, I tried verifying this via Industry Canada, but well as usual the Federal Government's IT depart dropped the ball...
  3. F

    VA Stars System Dept of forestry

    I got a new bcd536HP scanner about a month ago and monitor the stars system mostly and was wandering if anyone was getting any activity on the dept of forestry TGs i used to here them give the weather to the foresters in the morning when they were analog is anyone hereing any activity on them my...
  4. kk4dnl

    GA Forestry Freq and pl tones?

    Does anyone know what freq GA forestry uses up in North East Georgia. I have the currahee repeater but I would like to know where the other towers are located and what their Freq, offset and access Pl tones are. I am a fire Fighter with Carnesville Fire Department and the Communication officer...