fort worth fire

  1. dfw_firebuff

    SDS100 Only receiving FWFD Locution Channel

    Hello all, I recently started using an SDS100 to scan my local fire department, Fort Worth Fire. They are a P25 Simulcast system. I have programmed all of their relevant radio channels into a favorites list, however I am only able to hear the automated locution channel. Would anyone know why...
  2. fwfdengine2

    FWFD Feed?

    Hi, Is anyone able to put up a scanner feed for Fort Worth Fire? Channels 1 - 7? Any reply is welcome, thanks fwfdengine2
  3. fwfdengine2

    Fort Worth Fire Dept.

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could put up a feed for the Fort Worth Fire Department dispatch channel, so you can only hear the locution (automated voice) dispatch. thanks, fwfdengine2
  4. J

    FWFD Paging

    I know that all Fort Worth Fire Stations receive different tones before they are dispatched to a call, and I was wondering if there was any way to set up a scanner to only receive the dispatches for one station? Thanks, Jared K. Benbrook, TX DFW242 KE5VLJ