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    Do I Need a Discone Antenna?

    I'm pretty much a noob to scanners and frequencies and what not. I live 3.6miles due south of NASJRB Fort Worth. I am a total AvGeek so this locations grants me the ability to run outside like a little kid every time I hear a jet. To make it worse, I work from home. I'm pretty sure my neighbors...
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    Fort Worth NAS JRB Av Import

    So I have bought my subscription and purchased my Uniden 396XT and programmed it with all my local stuff but I haven't found an import for the NAS JRB the av side. I live in the flight path and a super av geek. What would be the best way to create a system for the below information. Does anyone...
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    Uniden BCD436HP in Fort Worth Area work?

    I was wondering if anyone is using the BCD436HP handheld scanner in the Fort Worth area. I am wanting to purchase one but want to make sure it will pick up local law enforcement like NRH, Keller and other mid cities Police and Fire. I know Ft Worth is encrypted and cannot hear them, but would...
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    White Settlement PD???

    Is White Settlement PD still on a TRS P25? All RR shows now is their old VHF frequencies.
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    Fort Worth Regional Radio System P25 Mansfield

    I am reprogramming a PRO-197 for my boss but I live too far away to test. Is it necessary to select the P25 800 MHz trunking table for Mansfield, TX PD and FD or does "P-25 Auto" take care of everything?
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    Scanning FW via Android phone

    Anyone scanning in Fort Worth area using a scanner app for Android phone? I am currently using "live audio" via radio reference and am only able to get FW Police Disp. Unable to get Fire or EMS. I am thinking of getting an Android phone and am curious if the scanner apps available for Android...
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    SmartZone in Fort Worth

    Hey does anyone know what FWPD is using these days for radios- last i remeber they were using the Motorola MTS2000's on their Smart Zone 800 mhz- have they gone to XTS radios???
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    Fort Worth Trunking

    Is there any way to program a Motorola radio for the Fort Worth Trunking System? I want a big, strong, and sturdy radio (like the Motorola HT1250) that I could use to MONITOR Fort Worth Fire Department. I have always prefered Motorola radios over regular scanners, because of their reception and...
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    DFW Repeaters

    I'm trying to reprogram my F121S radio and I'm looking for the most active 2 meter amateur radio repeaters in the Fort Worth area. I am located in West Fort Worth, but I'm mobile all over Fort Worth on a daily basis. I only have a few openings (about 8) in my radio, so I am only looking for...