1. J

    Cheaper radio with really good s meter?

    Hello, I have the cheapy uv5rs and the kguv8d. Both have crappy s meters. I need a low end radio with a good s meter.. what would you recommend? I was told yaesu has really good meters... Would the yaesu ft65r work? Does it have a good meter? It's $90 prior tax.
  2. J

    Fox hunt transmitter. Set a day and find it. (Gilbert area)

    Hey, I was thinking of setting out my transmitter one of these days to have people find. It would be located in Gilbert. If 1 person is committed, I'll go hide it somewhere. If we can get 2 or 3 people, awesome. Would you guys be down to find it in Gilbert? Let me know, like I said, if 1...
  3. K

    FM Sats to Work with Minimal Equipment

    We have SO-50 and the ISS up there now ... coming soon (hopefully in October, 2015) we will have FOX-1A. It promises to be EASIER to work than SO-50 - since its downlink will be on 2M, and uplink on 440. That should provide us with at least 6db INCREASE in reception signal - making DIY and...