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    TMR - Fredericton - Analog v/s Digital

    Query....I am programming a PRO-163, which will take trunk and conventional...but only analog. I am somewhat familiar with the TMR system (used in Nova Scotia and Fredericton NB) and the 163 will scan and monitor TMR analog (i.e. Nova Scotia Ambulance and HRM Fire...but not HRM police and...
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    Would this scanner work in Fredericton?

    I was thinking of buying this Police Scanner (UnidenDirect - Clock Radio Base Scanner) I was just wondering if this scanner would work to listen to Fredericton, Police, Fire, Ambulance and Dispatch? Would anyone know?
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    LOOKING - Fredericton Police / Fire

    Hi I am looking for the Frequencies for Fredericton, Police and Fire and dispatch..... Can you send them in this format: ###.### That way I just can go ahead and put them right in to the scanner.