1. WX9RLT

    RAILROAD: Winnebago County Area Railroad Listening

    RAILROAD: Winnebago County Area Railroad Listening What are the frequencies the local railroads use for the Rockford area? I thought they were listed in the RR database, but I can't seem to locate it now.
  2. F

    Snow Storm

    Anyone got any good frequencies during the snow storm like plows, national guard, ect? I found that CB 1 is pretty interesting with road updates from truckers. Anyone got any?
  3. S

    Texas County Sheriff

    I was wondering if anyone could put up a feed for the texas county sheriffs department. 155.19000 KKG704 RM 123.0 PL Texas Co SO1 Texas County Sheriff Dispatch FM Law Dispatch If you can, that would be greatly appreciated! thanks
  4. S

    Scanner help

    Hey first time poster looking for any Calgary police freq. in the 000.000 format all i can find on here is programing codes just kinda wanna see if anyone has found the freq. yet also looking for new airdrie fire digital freq. any help would be great thanks