1. Omega-TI

    Recently moved to Longview (Anything I should be programming in?)

    After a 27 year absence from Cowlitz County & Longview, old age has brought me back. In that time the main police frequencies have not changed and are still analog, which is great, but if there are any locals here, I gotta ask, is there anything I should program in?
  2. danf161

    Presidential Visit in Orlando, Freqs?

    Just as the title states, does anyone have freqs for the presidential visit tomorrow (10/11) here in Orlando? I'm aware that some are probably encrypted but it's worth a shot. I have a BCD396XT and can decode NAC, any search range I can program? -Dan Orlando
  3. Eastie

    Buzzing on many freqs?

    Hi, What's all this buzzing on many freqs? Never any voice.. Sometimes the buzz even goes in a beat.. bz bz bz bzbzbz... bz bz bz bzbzbz... bz bz bz bzbzbz....
  4. fwfdengine2

    Putting Site Freqs with TGID's

    I am having a little confusion putting site frequencies with their TGID's.. I can figure out some.. Olmsted Co. Simulcast goes with the Olmsted County Sheriff/Fire/EMS TGID's.. However, like with Minneapolis.. Do I use Minneapolis City Center Simulcast? Or Minneapolis N - S Simulcast? Or...
  5. R

    Uniden 396T

    Curious if anyone knows if Seattle Police have re-banded?? Was fine last night. Now it will not find control channel for Seattle. Other agencies for trunked are find.
  6. L

    Montreal FD Frequencies

    Anyone have any Montreal Area FD frequcies, I have looked everywhere but don't find any. Thanks
  7. T

    pro- 94 help

    I recently bought a pro- 94 dual trunking scanner on e-bay.This is the first scanner i have had in years, way before trunking stuff started. I have found son freqs. on the net and seem to be working. I went to radioshack to buy a freq. book, but was told they no longer sell them. My question is...