frequency correction

  1. M

    BC125AT: uniden bearcat bc125at frequency centering question

    hi guys i had a BC125AT scanner, today i tried to store MANUALLY frequency 161.6 (channel20 marine) but the scanner shift automatically to 161.6025 and cannot stay on 161.6000. i noticed that if i search with the SVC shortcut in the marine section i can find the frequency 161.6000 centered...
  2. V

    Where can I find a good correction frequency?

    I'm new to SDR. I live in Cuyahoga Falls, Summit County, Ohio. I would like to adjust the correction factor in my two SDRs. From what I've seen, I need a very narrow signal at a known frequency to adjust the correction factor for my SDRs. I have no idea where to find a nice narrow signal. Would...
  3. KC9WWJ

    Possible driver issue? Frequency correction issue, R820T2

    Alright, i have 6 SDR dongles. (Nooelec) 2 smaller black R820T sticks, and 4 larger blue R820T2 sticks. The problem I'm having is specific to the R820T2 units. I have, gotten unitrunker+dsd to follow trunked voice successfully, but I'm having frequency correction issues with the newer units. I...