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    Help finding FT-8900 file for SF Bay Area repeaters

    HI All, Looking for a file for the G4HFQ software (I suppose any Excell file should work) to dump into my FT-8900 mobile. Thanks! Jon K6EWN
  2. D

    2002 Rav4 Install

    Looking for tips. Stats ft-8900r Toyota 2002 Rav4 Sport (front wheel drive if that makes any difference) So far I have found a great path (or atleast I think so) for the antenna which is running it along the left side of the car and tuck behind the left back bummer (there is a gap) up...
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    FT-7800R、FT-8900R Programming Software Download

    I have wrote two software for FT-7800R and FT-8900R. Using these software, you can backup the radio's channel setting, and you can change the setting on computer. Now, I only have the Chinese version, and I want it change to English version rencently if necessary. At the same time, I can...