ft lauderdale

  1. N

    Broward Country / Ft Lauderdale

    Hello everyone, I am currently in San Diego, CA but might be moving out to the Broward Country / Ft Lauderdale area in 3 months. I have always lived on the West Coast and have never had issues understanding or following my local PD etc. I notice in the FL forums it doesn't break down by city...
  2. KF4UHJ

    Where is Ft Lauderdale?

    Anyone know why Ft Lauderdale public safety has completely gone silent on the Broward County trucked system? I have a Motorola XPR 6580 programmed with ALL of Broward county, AND a BCD436HP scanner. Both have gone silent on the Lauderdale channels. Maybe has something to do with the upcoming...
  3. adams_jb

    PSR 800 - USCG (marine frequencies)

    :confused: Good Morning!! I am going on a cruise from Ft. Lauderdale soon and was looking to take my scanner with me.I have been looking on EZ Scan where to find USCG or other marine channels to program and I am not finding any. I am sure I am not looking int he right place. Can anyone give me...