fulton county

  1. D

    Fulton County Trunking

    So I am new to this forum however I have been into police scanning for a long while. I just got a setup in order to decode trunked radio. While doing research to find which system my local police is on (Johns Creek Police) I saw that they were apart of the "Fulton County Public Safety P25"...
  2. scseh

    Fulton Co., GA: denies new 911 radio bid: Concerned over sole bidder

    Fulton denies new 911 radio bid: Concerned over sole bidder By Jonathan Copsey April 23, 2013 FULTON COUNTY, Ga. – At its recess meeting April 17, the Fulton County Board of Commissioners unanimously voted to deny the $21 million proposal for the emergency communications E-911 radio...
  3. Bote

    Fulton Co. fire on Schultz Rd

    I'm hearing chatter on 154.28 about a fire on Schultz Road which is between Buck's Valley and Ingleswitch off Buck's Valley Road. They're closing off High Germany Road just now. Washington County, Maryland and Morgan County, W.Va have been going back and forth trying to find units to assist.