1. BlueDevil

    PM1500 Blowing Fuses

    I have a Motorola PM1500 that is blowing the inline power fuse every time the power is connected to the radio. This started occurring after the truck that the radio is in was jump started. I am thinking that something was damaged within the radio causing the positive connection to go to ground...
  2. S

    Got another radio, curious as to current draw?

    Hi again, yall! So I'm doing a little horse trading with the Magnum S3 that has issues, and in the process I've acquired an S380. Very solid radio, only thing holding it back I think is the coax/antennas(cophased coaxes factory installed by Kenworth, dual 4' Francis antennas), and possibly...
  3. W

    Wiring Problems

    Hello. I've had a CB in my truck for almost a year now. I originally had it wired in to the fuse box which worked great until I started to get alternator whine. I then wired it directly to the battery, which got rid of the whine but brought on some other problems. My radio works fine when I'm...
  4. K

    Problem with Yaesu FP-757GX power supply

    I've been having some difficulties getting my Yaesu FT-757GX radio working. My latest problem seems to be an issue with the power supply. I had successfully setup the system and made a few contacts on 80m. Then, I decided to try my hand at some CW on 10m. In the middle of a transmission (just a...