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    Got another radio, curious as to current draw?

    Hi again, yall! So I'm doing a little horse trading with the Magnum S3 that has issues, and in the process I've acquired an S380. Very solid radio, only thing holding it back I think is the coax/antennas(cophased coaxes factory installed by Kenworth, dual 4' Francis antennas), and possibly...
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    Wiring Problems

    Hello. I've had a CB in my truck for almost a year now. I originally had it wired in to the fuse box which worked great until I started to get alternator whine. I then wired it directly to the battery, which got rid of the whine but brought on some other problems. My radio works fine when I'm...
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    Problem with Yaesu FP-757GX power supply

    I've been having some difficulties getting my Yaesu FT-757GX radio working. My latest problem seems to be an issue with the power supply. I had successfully setup the system and made a few contacts on 80m. Then, I decided to try my hand at some CW on 10m. In the middle of a transmission (just a...