1. WX9RLT

    Scanner Manufactures Future, Due To Encryption?

    My area went full encrypted few years back. Needless to say, I will NO LONGER be buying anymore scanners. What is the point of buying one, if I can't listen to the stuff I want to listen too??? Many people I know have said the same thing. So this leads to my question: What is the scanner...
  2. K

    P25 Link Level Encryption

    One of well known security flaws (if you'll call it that) is the ability to monitor talkgroup/user IDs even on encrypted systems. As the article quoted states, Link Level Encryption is in the works. (http://www.project25.org/images/stories/ptig/P25_Standards_Updates/TR8_2016_summary_6.09.16.pdf)...
  3. S

    I Love Scanners!

    I Love Scanners And Hope They Will Be Around For A Long Time To Come!
  4. S

    Where Will Scanning Be In The Future?

    Where Will Scanning Be In The Future?
  5. ai8o

    Which digi mode will win out in the end????

    I currently see lots of experimentation and discussion about digital voice modes,P25, Mototrbo, NXDN, D-star, etc,etc,etc. I think that a lot of experimenting going on is a good thing. All this experimentation will uncover all the various strengths and weaknesses of the various systems...