1. SignalEmitter5000

    MTS2000 Low TX Audio

    I've looked around on the web and read previous threads where the MTS2000 experiences low transmit audio on occasion. Is there anything within the CPS that can fix the gain on the microphone on the HT itself? I've checked the CPS and couldn't seem to find anything. I see AGC but after...
  2. toastycookies

    Tram 1400 VHF Base Station 5/8 wave colinear antenna

    2 METER BASE STATION ANTENNA $51 Looking for a base antenna for my new BCT15X. Will be mounted to a mast on the roof about 30-40ft HAAT. Came across this last night looking for some low cost options. Has anyone else used / have any experience with one? Like the fact that it is tunable without...
  3. M

    BC92XLT: Antenna gain for OEM antenna

    What is the dB gain (in dBd) for the OEM antenna that comes with the BC92XLT? I am considering an upgrade but I want to know how much of an improvement I am making to determine if it's worth the cost.
  4. B

    Antenna for Motorola XTL-5000

    Hi guys, I have a Motorola XTL-5000, 800 MHz, that we use as an indoor base station for EMS. We've been having reception issues lately due to one of the city's nearby repeaters dying (and it isn't going to be replaced any time soon). I'm trying to fix this with two approaches: 1) purchase a...
  5. Z

    What antenna to choose?

    I own a Uniden Bearcat BCD396XT MOBILE scanner and only listen to Fire/EMS and police frequencies, which are from 151-155 MHz VHF, and occasionally a 453 MHz channel. I am curious what antenna to get for my portable scanner to pick up one of the dispatch centers around 20 mi away. Also, what...
  6. S

    antenna gain

    Hello all: Looking for some technical and experienced insight. This is a public safety system that operates at 154.1800. We are having to replace the antenna and are 340W ERP. The repeater currently has a DB224 but I am pushing for a DB228 to help receiving the handhelds. Adding the DB224 to...
  7. DecAnt21

    Newbie has some equipment questions!

    Hello, I have had my license for going on 2 years but haven't done much with it. Well I am now over the age of 18 and I have a good steady income coming in so I was wondering about buying a new HT. I owned a Yaesu VX-7R a few years ago. I plan on buying another one. I was wondering if this is a...