1. kg4ojj

    HazMat Drill - Alachua County/Gainesville, FL

    Ongoing hazmat drill with Gainesville Regional Utilities and Fire-Rescue at the Kelly Plant. Kelly Plant details I hear Fire-Rescue on Events talkgroup 34704.
  2. Y

    New Group ID's Alachua Co

    I do not know yet what all of these are yet: 35568 - I know this is ACSO, I have heard a Baker County Patch test and some references to emergency traffic (10-33) (Heard it as Channel 3, patching with Dade co) 34768- Unknown Only had 1 hit so far. 15280 - I have only heard tones. 2608 -...
  3. T

    Alachua County / Gainesville

    I have been told at radio shack that there is no scanner capable of receiving Alachua County law enforcement, fire rescue or emergency services radio transmissions. I have been unsuccessful in trying to find a feed on the internet. Does anyone know if there is a scanner that will receive...