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    Silver faced galaxy 2527 ?? Anybody ever see one?

    Hello, Iwas curious if any one on here has ever seen a silver faced galaxy 2527? Ive been into these rigs for years but have never seen one.And have found noone so far who has. Ive found one for sale,looks all original as far as the lettering and whatnot. black knobs . Any info appreciated...
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    Galaxy DX 959 no modulation

    I have a DX 959, and to get more output, I adjusted the SSB power variable resistor (VR 17) all the way to the right. I was getting great output and I could make the mod meter swing all the way to 100%. Now, I can't get the meter to move off of the pin. Everything else seems to be working...
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    My mobile setup

    I've got a Radio Shack PRO-197 scanner and a Galaxy DX-959 CB mounted up in my '04 Yukon XL 2500. I have a 108" whip in the back for my CB, soon to be replaced by a roof mount Wilson 5000, and a mag-mount scanner antenna from Radio Shack, not installed at the time I took the exterior pictures...