garmin gps18x

  1. gkalbfle

    Uniden BC-GPSK Serial GPS Receiver VS Garmin 18x PC GPS Navigator Unit

    I have seen several posts around the net asking about these two units. I have now tried the both, and have the answer for you. The Uniden GPS utilizes the SiRF Star III e/LP chipset, which has a sensitivity of -159 dB. I have been unable to ascertain the chipset utilized in the Garmin 18x...
  2. W

    Home patrol 1 & garmin gps18x PC

    I have been scanning with the BC200xlt and have just purchased the home patrol 1 and extreme upgrade. I purchased the garmin gps 18x PC to use while I drive cross country. I see that it needs special adapters to connect to home patrol 1. Does anyone have the information on those adapters and...
  3. anonymouse

    Uniden BCD396XT, Garmin GPS 18X Compatibility

    I was wondering if anyone here has had any success getting the BCD396XT and Garmin GPS18x (RS232 Output) to work together. I am connecting them with a null modem adaptor and a gender changer. I also THINK that I have the settings correct. I am using 9600 Baud on both the scanner and the GPS...