1. U

    GATRRS unidentified talk groups

    Here's a dump of 80+ talk groups on GATRRS that do not have alpha tags / labels. I've sorted them by activity. The first 4 or so should be easier to identify...
  2. R

    GATRRS (West Texas)

    Look like original one has been closed. Can some of you in Rural areas outside of Odessa/Midland start searching for new IDs. I was searching Odessa 700 site and have caught Ector and Midland Troopers using 50006 in the clear. Tend to not hear Midland Trooopers on the conventional P25...
  3. KE5PL

    TK5720K question(s)

    Anyone know if this model is capable of 1) ATG (Announcement Talk Group) 2) Will support a seven character trunking ID TK-5720/5820 | Land Mobile Radio | Communications | KENWOOD USA doesn't indicate one way or another, and the local dealer doesn't seem to know either. Legitimate user...
  4. K

    Austin/Travis County GATRRS UID Wiki

    I started some wiki pages for GATRRS UID tables and some associated notes for each agency. Will be adding some additional content over the next few days. I hope everyone find them useful. Currently I am using a Uniden BCD536HP and have already hit the 10,000 UID limit on that device. Link...
  5. A

    GATRRS Western Counties Project

    All public safety agencies in Burnet, Llano, and Blanco counties will be live on this P25 VHF extension off the GATRRS switch in Austin no later than August 2013. All hardware and infrastructure has been completed and templates are in the process of being created. This project was expedited...