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    scanning in Brazil/South America

    hi there, does anyone have knowledge of how to scan emergency response frequencies in Brazil? The frequency database seems to be up to date, but I haven't had any luck yet getting my Uniden sds100 to work here. any and all ideas are appreciated!
  2. H

    Operating in U.S. Virgin Islands

    Hello, I am going on a sailing trip in August to the U.S. Virgin Islands. We are going to be sailing to St. Thomas and St. John, and I am wondering if I will need any special permits besides my general class license (I'm a technician now but will be general before the trip). I am planning on...
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    Book for general exam

    I passed my technician exam a while back and I would like to start studying for the general exam. I used the ARRL book in studying for the tech. exam, and I would like to use the ARRL book for the general exam. But on Amazon...
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    XTS 5000r password

    somehow all of a sudden when I turns on my cps a box comes up as needing a password, and will not let me into software until I give one and the pass word I would have used is incorrect, On the radio FPP it will not accept password that I have used to program radio in passed
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    motorolaXTL2500 scan

    help, I am having a scan problem with my XTL2500, first off I can not get program listed on the menue bar on radio, everything else will enter, am I missing something in the cps. second what are are the proper settings in the scan window so it will only scan in the zone and scan list I have...
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    General Class license software

    I've had my Technician license for almost 20 years, but want to upgrade. I am looking for advice on study software (ARRL, Gordon West, W5YI, others) that have users could recommend. This study method has worked well for me in the past. 73, Gregg, N2UUP
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    Ham study tools for iPhone? ...

    I really need to get cracking on studying for the General exam. Hey, guys, I see a bunch of different study tools and sample exams on the iPhone App store. Which ones are the best? What do you recommend? Thanks very much in advance, Chris
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    Is General worth it?

    Hi all! My name is Veronica and I am new to the Ham world and am looking to take my test soon... I was told I can sit for the General licesnse test, right after I take my Technician test. My question is, is it worth the extra study material if the HF rigs are not quite in my budget? It seems...
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    Got a General Today As Welll

    I thought I would add mine in here as well. I went to test for just the tech today and passed it with 100%. The VEC talked me into taking the General even though I had not studied for it. I reluctantly agreed and I passed that as well! Woot! He asked me if I wanted to try the extra, but I...