gloucester county

  1. C

    Gloucester Co Sheriffs Office

    So I live in Gloucester Co and I am listening to the P25 trunked system that encompasses James City/ York/ Gloucester and I can never seem to pick up anything from the GCSO even though my scanner is programmed to scan them and I see sheriffs dispatch come across the screen from time to time...
  2. T

    Trunked Systems - FreeScan / bc346xt

    Hello Forum, I tried to search and find an answer, but I'm afraid I'm a bit overwhelmed with the terminology used and the acronyms. It's like trying to read another language for me, I just don't have the experience with this hobby yet. I was hoping someone could maybe help me out or point me...
  3. murrayustud

    Trip to Gloucester, Va Thursday-Saturday

    We usually go to Williamsburg, VA each year & I know there's not a lot of unencrypted stuff there to monitor but this trip we are staying in Gloucester on the southern waterfront. I'm bringing a Pro96, Pro 2096, Uniden 996xt and HP1 as well as a couple of XTS5000 HT's. Any recommendations of...
  4. B

    Anyone know where Buena (Atlantic County) PD went?

    Hey, gang: As those of you in West Atlantic County / Cumberland County / Gloucester County may know, Buena entered into an agreement to have Gloucester County provide dispatch services to it. The changes began on Nov. 26, when all the PD calls started addressing Dispatch as "Gloucester...