gmrs repeater

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    GMRS repeater help

    Hello I am trying to set up a GMRS repeater and do not own a duplexer. I was wondering what the spacing I would need between my tx and rx antennas? If anyone could help that would be great. Thanks
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    GMRS and Linking

    The GMRS Linked Network has been running for a year now and growing everyday. With that being said if you have a GMRS callsign and no repeaters around you or you own a Repeater then you might want to check out The GMRS Linked Network. They have plug and play simplex Nodes ready to go. The...
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    Multi Channel GMRS Repeater

    I have a repeater setup that can operate on any of the GMRS repeater frequencies. Using a duplexer configured to operate on any of the frequency pairs works fine. My goal is to be able to deploy the setup in the field, should it be needed, and allow a frequency to be set on-site using a single...
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    New GMRS Repeater Sioux Falls SD

    I put up a repeater in Sioux Falls,SD for the public to use!! Any questions please email me at I will give you all the info to those that want to use it. Thank You. Scott WRAS704
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    Newb Question: How to listen to GMRS repeater?

    Hello, I'm trying to listen to a local repeater that is 462.5500 MHz with a PL tone 141.3 Hz. I can't hear anything on the scanner while my handhelds are talking on it. I thought the scanners listens for anything regardless of the PL tones? Or is this not possible with my kind of scanner...
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    GMRS Repeater question

    Can a retired public safety radio like a maxtrak be used to make a GMRS repeater legally? These radios were not/are not part 95 type accepted. (Please site FCC or other Legal source)
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    GMRS and Organizations

    Hello all, I have a couple of questions regarding GMRS, GMRS Repeaters, Licensing, and people using those repeaters. A bit of background first: I am looking to set up a radio system for my boy scout camp. We are a small, exactly 1 square mile area of land with only trees and maybe a building...
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    Motrola GR1225 Repeater Help

    I am looking into purchasing a Motorola GR1225 16 Channel repeater. My question is if you can only program the internal duplexer for one frequency split, then what can you use the other 16 channels for?
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    gmrs mobile repeater questions

    First I want to say this is my first post and I have little experience with radios so go easy. First I'll give the situation that I'm looking to use this in. I'm building an off-road/hunting vehicle and I'm looking to build a mobile repeater in the truck to get some extra range out of my...