go transit

  1. B

    (NAF) Monitoring METROLINX GO Transit Using an XTS 2500

    Hope this doesn't sound dumb but is this POSSIBLE? I believe if programmed and flashed correctly in theory an XTS 2500 UHF should be able to pickup the talkgroups in RR marked with a D but not those with a T. Does anyone have any insight on this? What flashcode would be required? Thanks
  2. J

    Union Pearson Express

    Looks like the UP Express, running between Union Station and Toronto Pearson, is using both conventional AAR channels (i.e. CN mainline on 161.415) and the GO/Metrolinx UHF trunked system. Like the GO trains, the UP Express cars are using the same number for the train car and the radio ID. In...
  3. VA3DBJ

    GO Transit Steve Brock

    Hi All, Does anyone have the names/locations for: 745641 745642 745645 I am sure there are 43 and 44 in there too. They ID as Steve Brock most of the time. Are they located at union, or at different locations.