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    GP340 VHF noisy on 173MHZ

    Hi all, I have several Motorolas GP340 VHF radios, I think you have the HT series in USA. These radios when operating on 173MHS give a motor boating noise when receiving from another radio within 15 or so feet. It is not caused by high volume setting and the speach is garbled. When changing to...
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    Motorola GP340 General help requested

    Hi all I'm a fence judge at local cross country events. We use two-way radios to comunicate with control, so that we can let everyone know whats happening out on the course. There are times however when fence judges don't get a radio (pricipally due to the cost of hiring), so I bought my own...
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    Motorola GP340 CPS Language

    Hello! I am thinking about buying this item off of eBay later this week.Motorola GP340 Two-Way Radio UHF + Accessories - eBay (item 370186361317 end time Apr-14-09 21:07:00 PDT) My only questions about this radio are... Does the radio come with programming software?? And if it does, is it in...