1. R

    Problems on Professional GP300/GM300 series CPS (all versions)

    Hello all, First of all I find it very strange and not logical and even misleading that it is not possible to program the actual GP300 GM300 with these CPS's. One would expect that at least for the name of it. Question1: is anyone aware of a windows based CPS for GP300? I only know DOS CPS for...
  2. M

    GP340 VHF noisy on 173MHZ

    Hi all, I have several Motorolas GP340 VHF radios, I think you have the HT series in USA. These radios when operating on 173MHS give a motor boating noise when receiving from another radio within 15 or so feet. It is not caused by high volume setting and the speach is garbled. When changing to...
  3. F

    Motorola GP340 General help requested

    Hi all I'm a fence judge at local cross country events. We use two-way radios to comunicate with control, so that we can let everyone know whats happening out on the course. There are times however when fence judges don't get a radio (pricipally due to the cost of hiring), so I bought my own...
  4. K

    Motorola GP340 CPS Language

    Hello! I am thinking about buying this item off of eBay later this week.Motorola GP340 Two-Way Radio UHF + Accessories - eBay (item 370186361317 end time Apr-14-09 21:07:00 PDT) My only questions about this radio are... Does the radio come with programming software?? And if it does, is it in...