1. D

    Motorola GP380 PTT keyup tone

    Hello, I have a Motorola GP380 and I'd want to program the keyup tone every time I transmit and receive but I cannot seem to find where to input that information. I use Professional GP300/GM300 Series CPS version R03.11.16
  2. O

    Motorola GP380 Q400 P-Channel Mosfet Transistor Query

    Hi, can anyone advise the exact specification of the Q400 P-Channel Mosfet transistor found on the Motorola GP380 main PCB? I suspect mine needs replacing but when searching for p-channel mosfet transistors, there are a number of different amperage and voltage options. Attached is GP380 PCB...
  3. I

    Motorola GP380 TX Question:

    I finished programming a Motorola GP380 Full-Keypad yesterday and I noticed something on a test key-up, there is no Signal-Strength icon. I've delved through CPS and the help file but haven't found anything that mentions why it's not present. Anyone know how to get it to display? Does it require...
  4. T

    Motorola GP380/HT1250 Blue Casing

    Anybody know where I could get a blue GP380/HT1250 in close to new condition or a blue casing/refurb kit for one? (At a reasonable price Ex: under $300) As seen on page 4 of this document, Blue Radio Shown in This PDF Doc Example of yellow refurb kit: 200479923151 Oh, PS: Is there any other...
  5. SlipNutz15

    GP380 VHF and UHF???

    I'm looking at a GP380 online and I cannot find a definitive answer. All the sites and PDFs I look at make it look like this radio is a dual-band VHF/UHF portable. Is there anyone that can say whether this radio does both VHF AND UHF or just one or the other. Thank you!