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    Atex Radio GPS Error with Site Survey

    Hi Everyone, Kindly I've recently downloaded the Site Survey software and been testing it with a Standard DP4601e and an Atex DP4801 Ex radios. I'm able to check the RSSI level normally with both of them, but the GPS coordinates can only be received with the standard radio, and with the Atex...
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    How does a GPS device for the BCD396XT interface with the BC-RH96?

    I rely heavily on the GPS feature on my BCD396XT. I have read through the BC-RH96 Owner's Manual and it makes very little mention in regards to GPS. I don't want to make assumptions or guess how it may interface. In order for my BC396XT to utilize GPS, the GPS unit needs to be plugged into the...
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    Digital Radio by Motorola

    Hello Any one knows some digital radios from Motorola. I Have a question, how can we see the GPS data sent by the radio? I hope someone can help me...I'm new on this area. thanks anyway best regards Daniboy