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    Help Picking New ADS-B receiver & Antenna

    Hi, I'm looking at ordering new ADS-B receiver system and wanted to get advice on what would be the best for my home looking at AirSpy R2 and The Radarcape the cable run is about 60 to 65 Feet long I was looking at AirSpy R2 Airspy R2 | it has 4.5v switched Bias-Tee was...
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    GPS Antenna Splitters

    Hello everyone , I have a quick question with GPS Antenna splitters. I have a GPS Receiver with 1.5 meters accuracy (u-blox M8L) installed with its antenna. I have a second GPS Receiver (RTK enabled) which is cm-level accuracy one. Now Instead of keeping two different antennas on my...
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    BCD536HP: BC-GPSK GPS Receiver Extension Cable

    Hi, Does anyone know if Uniden Makes extension RS232 for the BC-GPSK ? I'm mounting my BCD536HP and the BC-GPSK is going to be tight fit Thanks
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    Built in 5v power supply for a GPS reciever

    I currently am using a BCD996XT Uniden scanner and wanted to get a GPS receiver for it after doing my research on it, but I also wanted to power it from the scanners DB9 connector, so with some help from a friend, I came up with this design and it works! Hopefully it will work with any scanner...