1. K

    Help - Listening to GQRX Audio Stream on Mac

    I have a Raspberry Pi 4B up and running great. Both CubicSDR and GQRX perform great on this unit. I want to drive it headless and have all that working but cannot find any examples of how to hear the audio stream on the Mac. I have turned it on using the Network port setting in GQRX. And have...
  2. D

    How Do I setup a RTL-SDR Blog V3 SDR for Shortwave on GQRX software?

    Hello SDR fans, I am very new to SDR.. I am planning to buy a RTL-SDR Blog V3 on amazon. It has shortwave HF support. I read somewhere you need to configure SDR's for shortwave to work properly. What values do I need to add or modify and where to put them in the GQRX software? I appreciate...
  3. D

    HackRF One, GQRX & Discone.

    Hi All, I’m new to SDR and radio in general, I have a Hack RF One running through GQRX on Mac. I have a Discone antenna installed in my attic which I connect directly to my HackRF one using RG58 cable. Does anyone have any tips on optimal set up in GQRX etc? I can pick up a few signals on the...
  4. J

    Updated SDRplay libraries for non-windows workflows

    SDRplay have released updated software support for the RSP1, RSP1A, RSP2, RSP2pro and the new RSPduo for multiple platforms. As part of our plans to increase the software support for the RSPduo, we have updated 2 key libraries to enable single tuner mode functionality using API 2.13 on all...
  5. del1964

    Screenshot GQRX on VirtualBox / Linux Mint CPU Usage

    1.3GB RAM memory being used here and 4 CPU's running at a high rate. Choppy audio. Bytes being dropped all over the desk. Need to fix this before I can try OP25 and other decoding apps. Dongle works great on Windows 7 using SDR Console V2 and SDR# and couple others. So any ideas about what...
  6. del1964

    Minor issue (audio setting(s)) with gqrx...?

    Getting this error while running gqrx: could not resolve property : pattern 10600 getting this error over and over as I'm letting gqrx run Google'd and it's something audio related I was able to get the Pybomb version running finally on VMWare/Kali Linux
  7. del1964

    Disappointed but not giving up...

    I've tried twice now over about a total of two weeks hunched over the keyboard trying to get gnuradio going with gnuradio-companion, gqrx, airprobe up and running. What is the best step by step most recent workable instructions to get these softwares going....? Running out of patience and...
  8. del1964

    GNURadio gqrx no audio out to speakers... help

    Have GNURadio installed...gqrx running on Linux in VMWare....Everything looks great. Monitoring local NOAA weather frequency.....Signal looks great. Waterfall looks great. But I "hear" no audio from my laptop speakers??? Where/What am I doing wrong? Checked squelch and its not that.