1. GRECOM PSR-600

    GRECOM PSR-600

    Comes with power cable, blue programming cable, box, and antenna works great, has few marks on face see pic
  2. InspectorWatts

    PSR500/PSR600: Best Aftermarket Antennas for PSR-500

    Hey folks, First of all, I'm a newbie. Not knowledgeable at all. But I recently purchased a used PSR-500 off eBay and I'm pretty stoked because I've always wanted a scanner. Somehow I have, with the help of software, been able to program my scanner to receive my local emergency talk groups...
  3. N

    GRECOM PSR-800

    Selling a psr-800 that was improperly upgraded. DMR does not work. Scanner handles all other tasks just fine. I bought this with the intentions of using it for my local DMR system but was not told it did not handle DMR. can email pics (too large for this site). $89 to whistler and you’ll have a...
  4. R

    Listen to Digital P25 on PSR500 Grecom

    Hello friends, I recently bought the Grecom PSR500 scanner. Until then I used my SDR + SDR Sharp to listen to P25 broadcasts. I have a receiving frequency: 172,470 which is what I hear in my sdr cm in DSD Plus. Now how do I listen for the Grecom PSR500? Just enter the frequency 172.470 that...
  5. A

    PSR-800: MicroSD Card

    So I got an 8gb class 10. I had to take it back it jus't didn't want to work. Did anyone else try a class 10 in their 800?
  6. R

    Va Beach Switch? PSR-800

    I have a GRECOM PSR-800. I have had VB fire dispatch and tac channels set on scanlists and they were working fine toward the middle to tail end of 2011. Today, Jan 1, 2012, I can't get anything on those same settings. Any advice...
  7. eagleswings01

    A (Hopefully) Helpful Tip To Any Scanner Owner

    Hi Everyone, Although I demonstrate this tip on a PSR-310, it can apply to any scanner with a customizable welcome screen, which is why I posted this video here. It only takes a couple of minutes to set up, but it could save you hundreds of dollars if you ever lose your scanner. I hope it...
  8. oregontreehugger

    First Impressions: GRE PSR-310

    Just wanted to share my first impressions of the GRECOM PSR-310 handheld scanner. As a longtime Uniden owner, it took a little convincing to give a GRE product a try. Years ago I had a Pro-60 handheld, and more recently a Pro-2054 desktop model. My main concern was the potential for overloading...