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    Greeneville, Greene County Scanning

    So, who is monitoring Greene County and Greeneville?
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    Greeneville TN 70cm Repeaters

    Anyone listen to or use 70cm repeaters in Greeneville/Greene County? Q1) There is one on 441.850. I've never gotten the story on that one. It works great! But, who's is it? And, it's down right now. Anybody got any info at all? Q2) There is one on 444.750. It's located kinda' in the middle of...
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    Tri-Cities Communications (Greeneville) ???

    What is this? Tri-Cities Communications (Greeneville) Tri-Cities Communications (Greeneville) Trunking System, Greeneville, Tennessee - Scanner Frequencies Is that business? It's not police or fire, I know that for sure. If anybody can clue me in, please let me know. I'll monitor those...
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    Greeneville Light & Power Systems

    Under "Greeneville, City of" the list shows "Light&Power" as 153.665 Greene County, Tennessee (TN) Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference This is incorrect! The frequency should be 153.650 When you click on "Utilities" Utilities Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference...