1. A

    Scanner discone - connector sparks in the rain

    Currently 3 cables run into my shack from vertical antennas. Two cables are Andrew Heliax - those connectors inside the shack are grounded. According to instructions, I turned the coax at about 4" diameter right underneath the antenna. A radio is connected to one of those cables and does not...
  2. W

    2m 70cm 5/8 and 1/4 Wave Ground Plane Antenna Questions

    Looking at installing a ground plane antenna on a mast for VHF UHF and have a couple questions. I see the 5/8 wave antennas have a tapped coil for matching (to 50 ohm?), are clamped to the mast, and have horizontal radials on the coax shield side. Are the radials supposed to supply the entire...
  3. K

    BCD996P2: BCD996P2 Grounding

    I recently added this scanner to my ham shack and get great reception using a roof-mounted discone. Having an issue, though, involving other connections from the same antenna to an Icom 746Pro transceiver and Icom R8500 wideband receiver. A Diamond three-way switch connects all three rigs via...
  4. KD7CJW

    Antenna Grounding?

    I'm new here, so please be gentle with me. I am going to be putting up some antennas at my house soon (GMRS, CB, 2m/70cm, and Scanner). The last time I put up a base antenna was roughly 48 years ago and I know things have changed! Here are some questions I have. All of these antennae are...
  5. FLA727

    Mast and antenna grounding

    Been around CB's several years but all mobile, never a "base" setup at the house and I am a novice all the way. The setup will not be using any amps and the base will be a Galaxy DX 2547 (stock as far as I know). So it seems the more I read the more I get confused. I have read over several...
  6. R

    RF Noise

    I recently put a 29 LX in my truck as well as a mag mount Wilson 1000. With the truck not running, there is hardly any static even with the RF gain cranked up. But with the truck running, the only thing I hear is a popping or cracking sound that's relative to engine rpm. I disconnected the...
  7. BlueDevil

    Antenna Ground Options

    I have a question regarding antenna grounding options. I am looking to have a single UHF Repeater Antenna on top of a 4 story building. The antenna will be mounted to the side of a elevated portion of the building/roof which is just about in the middle of the building with a fairly large...
  8. TheElkScanner

    Antenna Radials

    What would be some cons to using 1 ground radial instead the standard 4. If 1 ground radials works perfect, why would I need to use 4? This will be on a VHF antenna
  9. M

    What exactly does it mean to ground a Antenna?

    The title says it all. What exactly does grounding a antenna mean? And how do you ground a antenna? I'm a amateur when it comes to antennas so I'd appreciate if someone could explain all this to me. I'm a shortwave listener and am looking to move on to a bigger antenna so these are my questions...
  10. D

    Grounding a balun longwire antenna

    Hi, Probably 10 years ago, I installed a longwire antenna on my house's detached garage. One end of the longwire is connected to a "magnetic balun" transformer. From there, a coax crosses over the driveway and enters in through the wall of the house. The antenna was grounded with two ground...
  11. A

    Do I need to ground my antenna?

    Hello, I just received my 4' Firestik Firefly fiberglass antenna in thr mail today and was considering mounting options for my '01 Toyota Tacoma. Asthetically, the best looking spot for it is attached to the walls of my trucks bed, however, the bed has been covered in a nice spray bed liner ever...
  12. T

    Question about transmitting

    I bought a cheap low power FM transmitter(one of those little dongle thingys from China) a long time ago and it has been sitting in the junk drawer for years now. I recently got a microcontroller, and was fiddling with the microcontroller, transmitter, and a regular fm radio receiver. My goal...
  13. N

    Great place for hardware/Lightning protection

    I am new to the forum and have found lots helpfull and accurate info that has guided me in the right direction!;). I was reciently looking to purchase some hardware mainly lightning/grounding wire, and instantly thought of my other hoby: Home brewing beer! And the one place I have always had a...
  14. chankel

    New tower installation photos 7/26/11

    Rooftop tower installation by Penn Tech International Penn Tech, International - Penn-Tech International They will do private work for individuals willing to pay for professional towerjacks. In a total of 13 hrs they installed this 4.5 ft Glen Martin rooftop tower with 3 side arms and a 10 ft...
  15. I

    help with ground loop on antena

    i have a 48 inch half wave 27mhz CB antenna mounted outdoors with the lead in made with rg58 coax with an approx length of 54 feet it has terrible reception on all bands except for the Motorola trunking control frequencies 475.3750-947.3500mhz im using it with a pro 164 tri trunking scanner...
  16. AK9R

    Connecting multiple ground rods

    I recently moved into a new house and I'm getting ready to start my antenna projects. The builder's electrician installed two copper ground rods which are about 10 feet apart and bonded together. The rods are located near the electric service entrance (meter) and there's a ground wire that runs...