1. cakers900

    NX-5000 DMR Tier III Trunked Radio Talk Group Scanning Priority

    I am in the process of deploying a public safety DMR Tier III Trunked Simulcast System. I have nearly a million dollars worth of NX5000 subscriber equipment sitting in my shop that I am not ready to deploy because Kenwood has yet to enable the ability to select a priority talk group during talk...
  2. M

    Cleveland County Jail Group

    I live in Norman and programed my scanner with the Norman site. One of the groups (52208) cleveland County Jail, I have not heard anything on. Am I missing something? Is it encrypted or did they change the talkgoup? Just wondering if anyone knows.
  3. G

    New License - Any Pointers or Study Groups?

    Hello All :) I am new to this forum and would like to know about how I can get a new HAM license in CA state? Please send me any links or contacts or references. Also, if you are reading up for the exam, we can form a study group if interested. Thanks, Guru
  4. B

    FreeSCAN - Assigning colors to groups?

    Sorry if this is a little elementary, but I'm still getting to know my 396XT and FreeSCAN. I am looking for a way to set an entire GROUP to a particular COLOR. For example, I have about 70 talkgroups for my local police department. Do I have to individually set the color for each talkgroup...
  5. B

    396XT specific group scanning across multi-systems?

    Hello all. I just received a 396XT. I am entirely new to the Uniden interface and programming (as well as to this forum). I purchased the Bu-Tel software and that made easy work of downloading many systems into the scanner. I live in the Phoenix AZ area and the various police and fire...
  6. G

    396xt group ids not showing

    Have programmed a P25 system with multiple sites. In that system I have multiple groups. When I add group quick key #s to each group, they show up on the display when scanning some sites as an asterisk, not a number. On some sites they don't show up at all (only a dash). In the program menu...