grundy county

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    Wanting to help in Grundy County / Morris

    With the recent snow storms we've had the last couple of weeks, I have submitted a few new TGs on the Grundy County Public Safety system but on my last submission, Starcom21 messaged me the following: "Lots of unknown PL tones in the county and new frequencies listed in the comments. Can you...
  2. C

    Programming Grundy County, IL into pro 164

    I just bought a pro-164 and programmed the frequencies for Grundy County, IL into it. I know there is something I am suppose to do per their somewhat new setup. Can anyone provide any help? I am sure it's probably simple, but this is throwing me for a loop. Thanks.
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    Grundy County unit ids

    If someone with local knowledge about the Grundy County Unit IDs could update this section of the wiki, it'd be appreciated: Grundy County (IL) - The RadioReference Wiki There is some old and new info on there and I'm not familiar enough with the area to know what's the latest.