1. p25man123

    Active Shooter Incident at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee

    Plenty of reports popping up for an Active Shooter ongoing at the moment inside the park. Hearing rumors up to 3-5 victims shot (Unconfirmed). Gurnee Fire Department requested a Life Safety Box Alarm #13-96 over on IFERN. LEOs are operating on Countywide Interop clearing the park at this time...
  2. K

    Gurnee, IL Police Request

    I would like to make a request that someone set up a scanner for Gurnee, IL. This is a pretty big town now-a-days, especially with all the action at Gurnee Mills and Great America. I would really like to monitor Gurnee PD at night. I work 3rd shift and I often see them cruising down Hunt Club...