1. K

    What Moto gear can be moved to 220MHz?

    I'm curious if any Motorola radios can be re-tuned to the 1.25MHz ham band, particularly portables. It's easy to put them on 2m and 70cm, and reasonably simple to retune to the 900MHz 33cm ham band, but I've always wanted to play with 220. Once you catch Black Radio Disease, it's hard to settle...
  2. poltergeisty

    Cybersecurity: It's National Security

    http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601204&sid=an2_Z6u1JPGw If the text is off for you as well, I uploaded it here.
  3. T

    Curiosity about Misusing RF

    For twenty-five years I have researched and cataloged misuses of RF. "Public Secrets" is one result. Their are dozens more listed on my web site http://sobczaksays.org. I would appreciate hearing the experiences of others who have identified RF weapons but have not shared their success...