ham call sign

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    Newbie from Grand Rapids here to say HI!

    Hello folks! I am (somewhat) of a newbie. Let me explain; I was, at one time, a licensed amateur radio operator (General License) my call was KC8TBY. Although my ham license has lagged I am getting back into the radio hobby slowly. I am looking into police/fire/EMS scanning at this point in...
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    Rag Chew Group For Amateur Ops/Hams

    I am trying to start a late night rag chew group using the SCHEART system....if you can get into one of the repeaters listed on their website then please do so and use DTMF *71 to link your repeater to the Conference back-up reflecter....the Rag chew late night insomniac group will start @ 11pm...
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    Ham Call Sign License Plates

    Hi everyone, I'll be taking my technician test soon, and I am considering getting license plates for my car that would have my ham radio operator call sign on them. My state DMV has a program that allows specialized plates for ham radio operators. My question is, what do you folks think about...