ham radio antenna

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    WorkPlace Antenna

    Hello I was wondering if anyone would have any suggestions for a nice antenna that could be inside of an office. I’m right beside the windows but this building was built in 1961 and it seems to block my signals pretty good. I tried a little Tram antenna inside the office but im coming over a bit...
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    Getting started with SDR receivers

    Low cost SDRs are a great way for newcomers to radio to get started. This video which SDRplay put together, illustrates how easy it is to get started with short wave listening using an RSP1A. The tips given, particularly to do with setting up a simple wire antenna, are applicable to all SDRs...
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    Help! Found Antenna in Attic and Not Sure What I Have.

    My husband crawled up into our attic today and found what we think to be a Ham Radio antenna. The man that lived here was notorious for it namely for non-fatallyelectrocuting himself. Anyway, my question is: How do I identify what I have? I see no markings on the large piece. Is it a kit...