hamilton county

  1. C

    Chattanooga/ Hamilton County fire ton outs

    I have searched quite a bit and found nothing on FTO's for the Chattanooga/ Hamilton county area. If someone could share this info it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. K

    Summit Behavioral Healthcare

    Has anyone ever heard anything on this system? I have it loaded (programmed) and I have not heard anything on it EVER.
  3. K

    Hamilton Fire Monitoring on Simplex Channel

    Hey everyone, So I'm a bit of a newbie, and I'm trying to find out if there is a way to listen to Hamilton Fire at all. I know that it's encrypted in the Hamilton City Services P25 system, but does this also include the Simplex channel? And if not, is the Simplex channel analog or digital...
  4. beischel

    Home Patrol and Cincinnati/Hamilton County P25 System

    I have had nothing but issues using Uniden scanners with the Cincinnati/Hamilton County P25 system. Years ago I purchased a 996 and went through all the Uniden experimentation with firmware upgrades, constant adjustment to settings trying to get it to decode the P25 transmissions properly. I...
  5. A


    Good evening everyone, hope this finds each of you well. I wanted to pass this along to those who may be interested. Hamilton County (Noblesville) has been chosen to participate along with three other counties in the United States in a program called NETGuard. The idea behing NETGuard is to...
  6. K

    BCD996XT Assistance Requested for Cincinnati Area

    Just received a BCD996XT to use in the Cincinnati, Ohio Area. I am using Freescan and so far it is working out well. I am requesting assistance for the following problem: For the Fire and EMS dispatch talkgroups that also multicast on to legacy channels for tone out and dispatch, I can not...
  7. mtindor

    MARCS-IP ("New MARCS") Site and Talkgroup Discussion

    A new 700 Mhz license application is pending for Ohio MARCS - Cuyahoga Co Project 700 Mhz 5 sites Simulcast Click HERE to view the pending application Click HERE for a Google Map of the sites LOCATIONS Cleveland, OH (CUYAHOGA) Warrensville Hts, OH (CUYAHOGA) Mayfield, OH (CUYAHOGA)...