1. K1EDH

    Hampton & Seabrook Police

    Does anyone know the frequencies for the Hampton & Seabrook PD? I am looking to listen to dispatch - car, car - dispatch, car - car
  2. brueger

    Hampton, VA announces new radio system.

    Well, there has been rumors for a while and now it's official. At Wednesday nights (Feb 11, 09) city council meeting it was announced that Hampton will be purchasing a new radio system from Motorola to the tune of approximately $14 million. The new system will be P25 compliant and operate in...
  3. B

    Yorktown, Hampton area frequencies

    I am looking for the best way to program police/ems frequencies for the Yorktown, Hampton area. Can anyone help bring me up to speed on this. I am a newbie to the scanning world. I have a BCD396T. Thanks in advance for your help.