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    Scanner Master Hard Leather Case Scratches SDS100

    Hi folks. I just wanted to warn you folks who are thinking about buying Scanner Master's hard leather case about a small problem I found. I received the case yesterday along with a new SDS100. I love the case and it fits the scanner perfectly. But whoever made it failed to cover some exposed...
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    why do they make it so difficult?

    I have been a Technician at a casino for 20+years. I set up machines from scratch using mostly Linux systems and also maintain and repair electronics to the board level. And YET-- Have never been so frustrated in an electronic device in my life. Strange menus and sub categories abound. And...
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    Hard Drive

    I have a question, although i am pretty computer savvy I have no idea what the program is or what it is called about those harddrives that auto-erase all data in my documents, internet history, ETC when you shut off the computer or log off? Like at a library, you know? Thanks!