harris corporation

  1. M

    Harris radio PRC-117F

    Does any one have any experience repairing/troubleshooting a Harris radio PRC-117F? The keyboard Display unit(KDU) is stuck on the the Harris logo screen. I’ve tried restarting the radio and the same result.
  2. RadioGuy3007

    Harris Unity XG-100P for Trade!!

    I am wanting to trade my harris for a Motorola APX VHF/700-800 with AES and DES. If your interested please send me a message. Please click the link below for more information on pictures.
  3. M

    Harris Watch - www.harriswatch.org

    Neat map of 'Harris' stuff... Harris Watch - Select red areas to learn about Harris Corporation hardware and software. Find links pointing back to different RadioReference Forum threads. http://www.harriswatch.org http://www.harriswatch.org/las_vegas.html...