harris unity multiband

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    Harris unity xg-100 invalid channel in scan list question

    Okay so I've been happily programming my xg-100p the last few months and putting a nice CA state load in a few mission plans.. I've had this alert come up a few times (invalid channel in scan list) and I've been able to work through it more than once.. but it feels like I'm not changing anything...
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    Harris XG-100P cup holder stand?

    Hi everyone, Does anyone use or know of any cup holder type holders for the XG-100P? I place my radio in my cup holder often but it moves around a lot, especially when going around corners and such. I’ve seen many 3D printed cup holder stands for other radios and scanners, but I haven’t been...
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    Won't Sell To Commercial Clients????

    I was very shocked after spending 3 weeks trying to contact Harris to purchase a Unity XG-100 that I get the below email. It's odd that a legitimate professional trying to buy a $7k radio cannot get Harris reps to return phone calls, is asked if I was a spy for MOT and is sent a rude email. I...